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What is the NIS



Many people think immigration is a topic that must be known by only lawyers or politicians: false. Being informed on immigration is very important for entrepreneurs, professionals in all fields, the workforce, and students.


Immigrants are a substantial part of the life in the United States, economically, politically and socially. Consequently, we must know about this topic in order to plan the best strategies in our businesses, professional careers, jobs, and academic studies.


Simultaneously, the country needs our ideas and proposals in order to have the best solutions to fix the national, state and local system issues on immigration. Those solutions will critically impact the economic growth of the country, businesses, and population.


The National Immigration Summit is a NON PARTISAN Think Tank, gathers the brightest minds in order to discuss immigratory system solutions, helping to improve the impact of immigrants in the labor market, businesses, economic growth and society development in the United States of America.


Knowing and mastering the immigration issue and everything it involves will help people plan better strategies for their business, careers, and futures a studies.

As a Think Tank, the National Immigration Summit is an organization that aims to rethink this country's immigration problems, discuss its issues from different points of view, and generate ideas that allow us to produce and propose solutions that lead to creating a more agile, productive and safe immigration system for everyone in the country. All of this will result in the economic growth of businesses and income of professionals and workers, and along with it, the global economic growth of the country.

We would like you to be a part of this great movement in order to not only help produce ideas and solutions to those in charge of taking the reins of the country, states, and cities. In this effort, you will highly benefit from having a deep knowledge of migratory problems, knowledge that you will be able to apply in multiple areas of your business, professional, and personal life, helping you to achieve your objectives and goals.

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