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Alan Rivera Prieto

Alan Rivera Prieto


Alan Rivera Prieto is the Founder of the National Immigration Summit; author of "ILLEGAL ALIENS" Truths and Lies in a Country of Immigrants ("ILEGALES" Verdades y Mentiras en un País de Inmigrantes); journalist with 23 years of experience in television, radio, and print media; Executive News Producer, News Anchor, Interviewer and News & Investigative Reporter in the United States and his native country, Peru.

Rivera studied Philosophy and Law & Political Sciences in the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru. Also, he did studies of Conciliatory Analysis under the supervision of the Latin American Association of Transactional Analysis. He was awarded a scholarship by the Spanish Institute of Radio and Television to major in Television Newscast Broadcast and Production and Broadcast.

During his career in the US, he worked in different broadcasting companies and TV networks, such as NBC Universal / Telemundo Network, Univision, and Independent News Network. He is also a  collaborator of the opinion column at the prestigious newspaper "El Norte" from Mexico, where he writes about immigration issues and international affairs.

During all his career in the US, Alan Rivera had a deeply concern about the immigration system and its problems. These issues became almost an obsession, and, even though he was not an expert in the legal aspect, he decided to tackle it from a journalistic, political, and philosophical perspective.


With that in mind, he set out to do a thorough research, starting with the experiences and testimonies of dozens of immigrants living in different states (as well as his own experience as an immigrant) including the analysis of the proposals made by the Republican and Democratic parties, and always focusing on the issues from the perspective of what leads a person to migrate to a country such as the United States. All his investigations  turned to his book "Illegal Aliens" Truths and Lies in a Country of Immigrants.

Now, Rivera puts all his efforts into bringing his studies and actions around the immigration issues to the next level, hence the foundation of the National Immigration Summit, and itinerant Think Tank dedicated to investigate and produce ideas and solutions about the national immigration system.