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Jacqueline Tome

Psychologist, Founder of Global Awareness Consulting

Jacqueline Tome is an entrepreneur, founder of Global Awareness Consulting, an intercultural coaching, training and consulting company, located in the USA, serving many parts of the world. She leads a network of 90 consultants around the world and has been working as an executive coach for top leaders in the international business field. She is also the founder and president of Global Awareness Citizens, a non-profit organization that helps people in need around the globe become happier, healthier and better educated. The organization has helped children with special needs in India, refugees in Senegal, and the USA, elderly in Mexico, orphanages in Brazil and many homeless, human trafficking and domestic violence shelters in the USA.

Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Jacqueline moved to the USA in 2002 with her 14 year old daughter, after marrying her husband, who is originally from PA. In 2005 she had her second daughter. Having one daughter from Brazil and one from the USA and being a Brazilian woman, married to an American man makes her experience interculturalism daily in her personal life.

Jacqueline’s education background is in business English, psychology and psychopedagody. She began her career combining business English, psychology and intercultural training and consulting for a German company in Brazil, BBraun. Her knowledge of corporate psychology and intercultural relationships started expanding, so did her professional experience, which led her to work for large corporations, such as IBM, Texaco, Lafarge, Glaxo, among others. Parallel to her international business services, Jacqueline also had a private practice in clinical psychology.

After arriving in the USA, she pursued a Master’s degree in Community Counseling, and a post-master’s in family therapy, graduating with high honors from WIU. She also holds many certifications, in Human Resources, Play Therapy, Corporate Social Responsibility, Yoga, Global Leadership, Multicultural Competence, among others. Her experience in the American School system was one of the main motivators for her to found an organization that would focus on providing diversity and inclusion training and intercultural business relations programs. In 2007 she founded GAC and in 2013 she founded Global Awareness Citizens.

In 2016 she published her first children’s book, “Oscar is at the Farm”, a bilingual, English-Portuguese book to honor the first birthday of her first grandson. The book focuses on animals with the intention to open dialogues among differences, similarities, respect and acceptance. The book has been translated into Spanish and Chinese, planned to be published in other languages as well this year.

Jacqueline’s main personal and professional focus has always been to help others to improve their lives personally and professionally. Besides being very busy managing her own business, and travelling worldwide to provide services to their international clients, she still finds time to work as a multicultural family therapist, serving mostly Spanish speaking immigrants in Illinois, and as a psychology instructor at Palmer College of Chiropractic in Iowa, USA.

At least once a month she writes an article for Global Awareness Consultant newsletters, sharing information about important topics worldwide on their blog at