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Joseph Ghera

Joseph Ghera is the CEO at Entertainment Finance, LLC. He received training in the field of Film Technology, Studio Techniques and Animation. He was educated in Business Administration and Finance and mentored under world class finance experts. Joseph began his career as an Associate Agent where he was responsible for coordinating the placement and finance for a stable of hundreds of talented actors and writers. Joseph went on to accept a position as a Consultant for Films and Finance for a grant program, which was designed to provide training in Film Technique, Production, and Film Business.


Due to Joseph's dedication and success during this process, he was discovered and asked to be a Consultant and Development Director, who would be contributing to the design of a new business plan for a state incentive program. This plan was being developed for the purpose of creating a film training institute, a studio, and a real estate development complex. This position required Joseph to take on numerous responsibilities, including the previewing and determination of viability of many top, Hollywood quality, feature films. This provided the opportunity for him to work along side A-List actors and above-the-line talent, thus creating more feature film alliances.


For several years following, Joseph focused his many talents and experience on locating various investments and other resources, which would provide private equity loans to Executive Producers for the purpose of funding feature films and television projects. He has had great success in facilitating the introduction of projects to prospective investors, according to their individual situations and for the best interests of all involved. Joseph continues his career today by consulting and facilitating Film Finance and he currently resides in Los Angeles, California.

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Entrepreneur at Film Business