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Lourdes Ralda Sarg

de Morataya

Lourdes Ralda Sarg de Morataya, she is part of Helicópteros de Guatemala (Helicopters of Guatemala), the most extender helicopters company in Central America and the leader and pioneer corporation of helicopters in the commercial service, with the highest experience in multi missions (different services of air transportation) using a fleet of self owned aircraft, with Guatemalan licenses. Since 2003, Lourdes served as Manager Administrative. 

In 2007 she had a strong desire to support underprivileged children in Guatemala, achieving her dream in September 2010, founding the High Performance District (DAR by its Spanish acronym). As a Director of DAR, together with a team of experts, developed an integral educational model, working on the 5 basic pillars for the development of children in areas of high risk and extreme poverty. They currently have more than 200 children and 118 families in the village Ocosito - Retalhuleu, on the south coast of Guatemala.

Lourdes has been characterized for being a lover of reading and passionate about personal development, it is for this reason that Revista Ciudadano was born, which builds and contributes to the development of people through principles and values, looking for an impact that transforms Guatemala.