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The National Immigration Summit gathers the brightest minds to discuss  immigration system’s solutions, in order to improve the impact of immigrants on the labor market, businesses, economic growth and societal development in The United States of America

Mercedes Aráoz
Vice president of Peru
Former Secretary of Economy
Joshua Goldsetein
Immigration Lawyers
Law Offices of Joshua Goldstein, P.C.
Fernando Socol
Immigration Attorney
Marcin Podskarbi
The Law Office of Marcin Podskarbi
Carlos Garcia de Alba
Consul General of Mexico in Los Angeles
Danny Abir
Managing partner of Abir Cohen Treyzon Salo, LLP
Jorge Cosio
Chief Strategy Officer
Kelley Kronenberg Attorneys at Law
Daniel Beltran
PhD Molecular Biology
Autonomous University of Madrid
Hugo Balta
President of the NAHJ
Benjamin Bolet
Engineer & Master in Global Management
Eduardo Bravo
Past president of the Assoc. of
Mexican Entrepreneurs
Lourdes de Morataya
Founder of DAR / General Manager of Helicopters of Guatemala
Alan Rivera
Founder of the National Immigration Summit
Jacqueline Tome
Psychologist. Founder of Global Awareness Consulting
Gustavo Saberbein
PhD in Development Economics
Grenoble, France
Jose Benegas
Lawyer, Master in Economics & Political Sciences
Joseph Ghera
CEO at Entertainment Finance, LLC
Mayela Rojas
Co-founder/Executive Vice President at Media Vista Group
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